Enter the Mekong Delta Sunrise with Astronomy Class. A journey through Cambodian history and a tribute to the ecstatic music of golden age Phnom Penh feat. Srey Channthy (Cambodian Space Project)

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I guess there's a fair bit of backstory to this project. We've really tried to be respectful to the source material and the history we are talking about on the record and we think we've managed that, with a lot of help from Srey Channthy and Julien Poulson from The Cambodian Space Project, journalists and storytellers like Tom Vater, authors like Ray Chandler and as many docos as we could watch. There's also the Klap Ya Handz crew in Phnom Penh, the Cambodian DVD store in Cabramatta, Phavy Kasak and Vandy Kang who helped with translations and many more.

The whole concept for the record began in 2012, when we were invited to Cambodia to perform a set in the old train station in Phnom Penh. At an event to promote Tiger Beer, we met a lot of the Khmer rap crews from Cambodia and beyond, mostly California. As part of our set, we performed a cover of the classic Thra Kha Band song "Do You No Wrong Again" with Cambodian superstar Preap Sovath. You can see the original...

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Some of our favourite tunes from the "golden age" of Khmer pop music

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Thundamentals with Astronomy Class

Thu 1 May

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